Connecting over the Internet (unattended)

With Remote Utilities you can connect to a remote PC located behind a firewall and/or router using an Internet-ID connection. No additional router configuration is required on the remote side.

This tutorial explains how to connect to a remote PC with the Host installed for unattended access. For information on how to connect to a remote PC with Agent for spontaneous support, please refer to Connecting over the Internet using Agent.

Before you start

  • Download and install Viewer on the local computer
  • Download and install Host on the remote computer
  • Make sure both computers have working Internet access.

Configuring Host

1. Right-click the Host icon and select Internet-ID Connection Settings:

Selecting Internet-ID connection settings

2. Click Get New ID:

Get New ID button

3. A unique Internet-ID code will be generated. Note and record the ID and close the window.

Internet ID generated

Configuring Viewer

1. Start the Viewer app and click Add connection:

Add connection button in the Viewer

2. Enter a descriptive name and the Internet-ID of the Host PC. Click OK:

Adding new remote connection

3. Enter Host access password in the password prompt and click OK:

Entering password

4. The remote session will start in the selected connection mode. In this example it’s the Full Control mode:

Full control mode window

5. The connection will be saved to your address book automatically:

Saving a connection to the address book


If you have difficulty making the Internet-ID connection work, please check this troubleshooting guide.


You do NOT have to generate an Internet-ID code for each remote session. The Internet-ID code is unique and remains the same unless you manually change (re-generate) it.

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