Text chat

The Text Chat mode allows you to exchange text messages with the remote user.

Starting Text Chat mode

  1. Select a connection in the address book
  2. Click Chat on the General tab (the modes panel is expandable): Text Chat button the Viewer toolbar
  3. A chat window will open. Chat Window
  4. Enter your message in the text field and click Send or press <Ctrl> + <Enter>.

Users and channels

There are two types of users in text chat:

Administrator badge — administrators who enter the chat on the Viewer side. Administrators can initiate a chat session.
User badge — regular users who enter the chat on the Host side.

Channels are chat sessions with individual users. There is a special channel called #General — messages sent in this channel are visible to all users:

Chat window, General tab

To start a chat session with an individual user, double-click the user's name in the list. A new tab with individual chat session will open:

Chat window, individual session tab

Changing nickname

To change your chat nickname:

  1. Click the Settings icon ( ) at the top left corner of the Text Chat window
  2. Uncheck the Current user name as nickname check box and enter a desired name: Chat settings

Sending images and files

You can send images and files to other participants:

  1. Click Insert image or Insert file on the toolbar in the text chat window: Insert file or image buttons
  2. Select the file on your local disc and click Send: Sending file through chat
  3. The file will appear in the chat for the recipients to download. File has been sent through chat


By design, the Insert image command only works for images in the BMP format. To send images in other formats use Send file instead.


Mini-chat is a simplified version of text chat which opens alongside the Full Control window. Learn about mini-chat here.