Text Chat

Use the Chat mode to exchange text messages with remote users.

Start Chat mode

  1. On the General tab select Chat and double-click on a connection in your address book:

    Hint: Use the scrollbar on the right to reveal additional connection mode icons.

    Chat connection mode
  2. Enter the access password and click OK: Enter access password
  3. A chat window will open. Enter your message and click Send or press Enter. Send a text message

Change nickname

To change your chat nickname:

  1. Click the Settings icon ( Chat settings icon ) at the top of the Text Chat window.
  2. Deselect the Current user name as nickname option and enter a nickname: Changing a nickname
  3. Click OK.

Users and channels

There are two kinds of users a Chat mode window:

  • Administrator badge—Administrators who enter the chat on the Viewer side. Administrators can initiate a chat session.
  • User badge—Regular users who enter the chat on the Host or Agent side.

Channels are one-to-one chat sessions with individual users. Each channel opens in a separate tab.

Send a text message

A special channel called #General allows to broadcast messages to all users:

General Channel

To start a chat session with an individual user in the same Chat window, double-click the target user name in the list. A new tab with an individual chat session will open:

Individual session

To close a specific channel (tab), select it and click the Close button at the bottom of the Chat window.


A stripped-down version of the chat window called Mini-chat can be used on the Viewer side. See Full Control and View mode.

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