Viewer is a single "command center" where you keep your address book and start a remote session using the available connection modes. Also, Viewer offers several built-in tools such as Remote Install, MSI Configurator, Scan for Hosts, Address Book Manager and License Key Storage that help you manage your remote inventory.

Viewer main window

Viewer runs in a trial mode for 30 days. To use the software beyond the trial period, a valid license is required. Learn how to register Viewer with a license key.


You can run portable Viewer from a USB stick. This Viewer doesn't require installation. Learn more about portable Viewer...

General tab

General tab
  • Add connection—add a new connection to the address book.
  • Set double-click action—select which connection mode to launch when you double-click on a connection icon in the address book.
  • Lock—this button appears if you enable address book encryption.
  • Sign in—used to sign in on a self-hosted server.

Connection tab

Connection tab
  • Connect—connect to a currently selected host in the address book.
  • Add connection—add a new connection to the address book.
  • Add using code—add a new connection from email message. Learn more...
  • Delete—delete selected connection.
  • Rename—rename selected connection.
  • Properties—open connection properties of the selected connection.
  • Remote settings—open remote settings of the selected connection.
  • Log onlog on to a remote PC.
  • Log offlog off of a remote PC.
  • Relogon connections—relogon visible connections.
  • Ping—ping visible connections.
  • Wake on LAN—invoke a WOL command for a selected connection.
  • Refresh status—refresh status of visible connections.

View tab

View tab
  • Update previews—update thumbnail previews.
  • Show navigation—show/hide the Navigation pane.
  • Show event log—open the Connection Log panel.
  • Reset panels—reset panels to the default layout.
  • Thumbnails—switch to thumbnail view with remote screen previews shown on thumbnails.
  • Large icons—switch to large icons view.
  • List—switch to list view.
  • Details—switch to column view with details.
  • Preview size—use the preview size slider to adjust the thumbnail size in the Thumbnails view.

Tools tab

Tools tab
  • Options—open Viewer options.
  • Default connection properties—set default connection properties for all newly-created remote connections.
  • Language—select the interface language.
  • Remote Install—run the Remote Install tool.
  • MSI Configurator—run the MSI Configurator (Viewer must be run as administrator).
  • Scan for RU Hosts— Run the Scan for Hosts tool.

Manage tab

Manage tab
  • Address book manager—open the Address Book Manager.
  • Manual import/Manual exportimport/export connections from/to Viewer.
  • Domain controllersadd or edit domain controllers.
  • Show default domain controller—show/hide the default domain controller in the Navigation pane.
  • Server manager—open the Server manager.

Help tab

Help tab
  • User manual—visit this documentation on the web.
  • Quick start guide—open the quick start guide.
  • License Key Storage—open the License Key Storage.
  • Buy license—order a commercial license.
  • Get free license—get a free license key for 10 PCs for business and personal use.
  • Remote Utilities on the Web—visit the official program website.
  • Check for updates—manually check for updates.
  • About Remote Utilities—show program details.
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