Viewer is a single "command center" used by a support technician/admin. Viewer is where you keep your address book, start a remote session and manage your licenses. Viewer has built-in tools such as Remote Install, MSI Configurator, Scan for Hosts, Address Book Manager and License Key Storage.

Viewer runs in a trial mode for 30 days until you add a valid license or until the trial period ends. Learn more about registration.


You can run portable Viewer from a USB stick. This Viewer doesn't require installation. Learn more.

Main window

Main Viewer window

The main window has the following parts:

  • 1 Ribbon toolbar This toolbar contains all the program commands spread across six tabs.
  • 2 Navigation pane Connection entries can be grouped into folders shown on the Navigation pane. If the Viewer PC is located in an Active Directory network, the Navigation pane automatically retrieves the AD tree.
  • 3 Contents pane The contents of the folder selected in the tree is shown here. The Navigation pane and the Contents pane together constitute what is called an address book.
  • 4 Status bar This bar shows preview information about the objects selected in the Contents pane.

General tab

Viewer with General tab open
  • Add connection Click to add a new connection to the address book.
  • Set double-click action Select which connection mode to launch when you double-click on a connection icon in the address book.
  • Lock This button appears if you enable address book encryption in Viewer options.
  • Sign in This button is used to sign in on a self-hosted server (when used).

Connection tab

Viewer with Connection tab open
  • Connect... Connect to a currently selected record in the address book.
  • Add connection Add a new connection to the address book.
  • Add using code Paste a special code to add remote computer's ID and password from an e-mail message.
  • Delete Delete selected connection.
  • Rename Rename selected connection.
  • Properties Open connection properties of the selected entry.
  • Remote settings Open remote settings of the selected entry.
  • Log on Get into the logged on state.
  • Log off Exit the logged on state.
  • Relogon connections Relogon visible connections.
  • Ping Ping visible connections.
  • Wake on LAN Invoke WOL command for a selected connection.
  • Refresh status Refresh status of visible connections.

View tab

Viewer with View tab open
  • Update previews Update thumbnail previews.
  • Show navigation Show/hide the Navigation pane.
  • Show event log Open the Connection Log panel.
  • Reset panels Reset panels to default layout.
  • Thumbnails Switch to thumbnail view with remote screen previews shown on thumbnails.
  • Large icons Switch to large icons view.
  • List Switch to list view.
  • Details Switch to list view with details shown for every connection record.

Tools tab

Viewer with Tools tab open
  • Remote Install Run the Remote Install tool.
  • MSI Configurator Run the MSI Configurator tool.
  • Scan for RU Hosts Run the Scan for Hosts tool.

Manage tab

Manage tab
  • Address book manager Open the Address Book Manager.
  • Manual import Import connections to Viewer.
  • Manual export Export connections from Viewer.
  • Domain controllers Add or edit domain controllers.
  • Show default domain controller Choose whether to show or hide default domain controller in the Navigation pane.
  • Server manager. Open the Server manager.

Help tab

Viewer with Help tab open
  • User manual Open this documentation.
  • Quick start guide Open a quick start guide.
  • License Key Storage Run the License Key Storage tool.
  • Buy license Purchase a commercial license.
  • Get free license Get a free license key for 10 PC for business and personal use.
  • Remote Utilities on the Web Visit program website.
  • Check for updates Check for new versions of Remote Utilities.
  • About Remote Utilities Show details about the program.
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