Remote Access for Manufacturing & Retail

Remote Access for Manufacturing and Retail

One major challenge with the growth of manufacturing brands is establishing a seamless and reliable connection across the growing number of branches and retailers. Most remote desktop software solutions have limits to which you can scale their deployment. The ability to offer broad scalability is a unique feature that makes the Remote Utilities software solution a must-have for the manufacturing and retail industry.

Unattended and Attended Access

In addition to offering easy deployment across thousands of remote locations, the Remote Utilities software allows you to choose between the unattended and attended access modes, depending on what suits your style of operation best. You can install the Host on the remote computer, which grants you 27/7 access to headless machines and servers without the need to have someone at the remote terminal. On the other hand, our Agent app allows you to provide spontaneous remote support to users across the different locations of your manufacturing and retail operations.

Remote Support

The attended and unattended access options simplify your manufacturing and retail network for customer support and retention. To a large extent, the degree of employee engagement determines the fate of the manufacturing and retail industry. Leveraging the Remote Utilities software solution, developed with your employees in mind, puts your company on the growth path. The manufacturing and retail industry is by nature a sector riddled with many tedious activities. As a result, employees desire a remote support software solution to make work easier and more enjoyable.

Unmatched Scalability and Security

With advanced versions and available upgrades, the Remote Utilities software solution tackles the networking challenges of the manufacturing and retail industry, beginning from scalability down to the security of remote operations. Aside from easy and scalable software deployment, the single control center helps you manage remote connections using address books. Keeping an organized track of each remote computer has never gotten any easier. Even more impressive is that you could encrypt the address books to guarantee stronger security for the connections.

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