Commercial license


The Viewer module works in trial mode for 30 days. In order to use the program beyond the 30-day trial period, you must register the Viewer with a valid license key.


  • The remote modules — Host and Agent — do not require registration.
  • If you work from multiple Viewers you must add the key to each Viewer.

Video tutorial

Registering the program

  1. Select the Help tab and click License Key Storage: License Key Storage in Viewer
  2. The License Key Storage window will open: The License Key Storage window
  3. Paste your license key in the field below and click Add: Adding a license to the License Key Storage
  4. The license key will be added to the License Key Storage. Details such as the owner name, license type (licensing model) and total license count are shown for each key: A license key has been added to the storage
  5. Click Close. The Viewer has been registered.


You can add multiple keys to the storage. Learn how multiple keys in the storage work.

License count

"Per remote PC" license

The license count means the total maximum number of connections (records) that you can add to your Viewer's address book. If you have multilple addess books the license count means the total maximum number of connections across all address books. The number of yet unused licenses is shown in the License Key Storage window.

"Per operator" and "Per operator mini" license

The license count means the number of users (operators) who can work simultaneously from Viewers registered with this license key. The number of connections in the address books for this license type is unlimited.

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