File Transfer

Use the File Transfer mode to securely copy files and folders to and from a remote computer.

Start File Transfer mode

  1. On the General tab select File Transfer and double-click on a connection in your address book: File Transfer connection mode
  2. Enter the access password and click OK: Enter access password
  3. A File Transfer mode window will open: File Transfer mode window

Copy or move files and folders

To copy or move a file or a folder:

  1. Open the source folder in one pane and the destination folder in the other pane.
  2. Select the file or folder that you want to copy or move, right-click on it and select Copy or Move: Copy or Move a file or folder

Start multiple sessions in tabs

You can use tabs to open several remote devices side by side in the same File Transfer window. To open another remote connection in a new tab, click on the plus icon and select the target connection from your address book:

New tab icon on the toolbar

The connection will open as a new tab on the tab bar:

Remote tabs in the File Transfer mode

Main window menu

The File menu contains commands that you can apply to files and folders selected in the File Transfer window. You can access the same commands by right-clicking on the items directly in a pane. The Quit command closes the File Transfer mode.

File menu expanded

Commands in the Tabs menu apply to either the selected tab or to all open tabs and are self-explanatory.

Tabs menu expanded

Use the Access menu to switch from the Current user to System account if you have issues copying/moving files to the remote PC.

Access menu expanded


You can add frequently-used folders to your bookmarks:

  1. In the left or right pane click the asterisk button and select Add current dir: Asterisk menu expanded
  2. The Bookmark window will open. Enter the bookmark title and path and click OK: Creating a bookmark dialog
  3. To open a previously-added bookmark click the asterisk button and select the bookmark from the list: Opening a bookmark from the asterisk menu

To edit existing bookmarks:

  1. In the left or right pane click the asterisk button and select Configure. Click Configure menu
  2. Edit bookmarks in the dialog and click OK. Edit bookmarks


You can access frequently-used commands at the bottom of the File Transfer window. To run a command, either click on it or press the associated F4 - F9 key on the keyboard.

Command buttons

Drag and drop

You can drag files and folders (both local and remote) from the File Transfer window and drop them on to a target location on the local computer or vice versa.

Smart download resumption

If the file download was interrupted, the download will resume automatically the next time you initiate a remote control session.

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