Remote Access for Finance & Banking

Remote Access for Finance and Banking

Financial data is sensitive information in every company, and when operating a remote access software, it exposes your data to several risks. An isolated network system reduces these risks, and you can adapt our Remote Utilities software solution efficiently in such a system. Other software features like the self-hosted server, robust security, and permission-based remote access to address books make Remote Utilities a handy software for financial organizations.

Direct connection for total isolation

As a financial institution, you may have a strict security policy that restricts or blocks internet access on endpoint devices. Remote Utilities offers you the unique convenience of customizing a LAN-only setting. The ability to establish a direct connection to remote computers without a relay server makes the Remote Utilities software your best option to operate an isolated network system, reducing access to your financial data.

Internet remote access via your own server

Where you need to access remote computers over the internet and a VPN is not an option, our self-hosted server comes to rescue. Despite using Internet-ID connection you still have total control over your remote support structure. This control allows you to better manage the speed and performance of the software and to establish permission-based access for users.

Formidable security

Remote Utilities software guarantees impenetrable security systems required by the financial industry. Data encryption uses the industry-standard TLS 1.2 for secure communication between Viewer and Host. With this kind of protection your financial data is always safe and is never compromised.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication favors no industry as much as it does finance. Not only 2FA protects you even when an unauthorized person gets hold of your login and password, but it also alerts you about login attempts early enough.

Address book encryption

Most times, the address book contains sensitive information, and enabling address book encryption safeguards you if the Viewer workstation gets compromised or stolen.

Host identity check

In financial operations, you must be sure that you're connected to the remote Host to which you were going to connect. The Remote Utilities software offers you a certificate-based Host identify check mechanism to help you connect to the intended Host.

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