Host parameters

You can run the Host executable file C:\Program Files\Remote Utilities - Host\rutserv.exe using command line parameters.

Important! Commands must be executed as an administrator.


rutserv.exe /parameter_name

Available parameters

  • /silentinstall - install the Host service
  • /silentuninstall - uninstall the Host service
  • /firewall - integrate with the Windows XP/Vista/7 system firewall
  • /start - start the Host
  • /stop - stop the Host
  • /config - open the Settings window
  • /printerinstall - install virtual printer
  • /printeruninstall - uninstall virtual printer
  • /restart - restart Host service
  • /deletesettings - delete (reset) the Host settings without uninstalling the Host

Example 1

Start the Host on the remote PC:

rutserv.exe /start

Example 2

Reset the Host settings without uninstalling the program:

rutserv.exe /deletesettings

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