Power control

Use the Power Control mode to shut down, restart and lock the remote computer, or turn the remote monitor on or off.

Starting Power Control mode

On the General tab select Power Control and double-click on a connection in your address book:

Power Control connection mode

Alternatively, right-click on the connection icon and select Power Control from the menu:

Power Control - Right Click

Enter the access password and click OK:

Enter access password

The Power Control window will open:

Power control window

Select one of these available options and click OK:

  • Restart the remote computer (or restart in Safe Mode with networking)
  • Shut down the remote computer
  • Log off the remote user
  • Lock the remote computer
  • Put the remote computer to sleep
  • Hibernate the remote computer
  • Switch off the remote display
  • Switch on the remote display
  • Turn on the remote computer - Wake-on-LAN feature (works only in a local network)

Bulk Power Control operations

You can apply the Power Control mode commands to multiple connections in your address book. Use Ctrl + click or mouse pointer to select multiple connections, right-click on the selection and choose Power Control from the context menu:

Power control multiple selection

A special Power Control window will open with a list of selected connections on the left. Select a desired action on the right and click OK. The action will be applied to all items (connections) in the list.

Power control - bulk operations
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