Power control

Use the Power Control mode to shut down, restart and lock the remote computer, or turn the remote monitor on or off.

Starting Power Control mode

  1. Select a connection in the address book.
  2. Click Power control on the General tab: Power control button on the Viewer toolbar
  3. The Power Control window will open: Power control window
  4. Select one of these available options and click OK:
    • Restart the remote computer (or restart in Safe Mode with networking)
    • Shut down the remote computer
    • Log off the remote user
    • Lock the remote computer
    • Put the remote computer to sleep
    • Hibernate the remote computer
    • Switch off the remote display
    • Switch on the remote display
    • Turn on the remote computer - Wake-on-LAN feature (works only in a local network)
    • MAC address - specify the MAC address of the remote PC when using the Wake-on-LAN feature