About Agent

Agent is a module for spontaneous remote support. Agent can be run on the remote computer by a standard Windows user without admin privileges.

Agent window

Agent facts

  • Agent runs as an application under the current Windows user. No installation and administrative rights are required.
  • Agent can accept direct connections and Internet-ID connections.
  • You can use your own logo and welcome text in the Agent window. See the customization example.
  • A remote session is active for as long as Agent is running. Once the Agent window is closed, the session is terminated.
  • You can restart Agent as an administrator.

Handling UAC prompts

During a remote session a UAC prompt may show up, if elevated privileges are required to run or install certain programs. If Agent is run as a standard (non-admin) user on the remote computer, the tech will not be able to control the UAC window.

Possible solutions:

  • Have the remote user click on the UAC prompt buttons.
  • Have the remote user run the Agent as administrator.
  • Use Restart Agent to restart Agent with admin privileges.
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