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Agent is a module for spontaneous remote support. Agent can be run on the remote computer by a standard Windows user.

Standard Agent window

Agent facts

  • Agent does not require administrative privileges to run. It runs as an application under the current Windows user. No installation is required.
  • Agent can accept direct connections and Internet-ID connections. By default, both connection types are enabled in Agent. The Internet-ID code and access password are displayed in the Agent window when Agent is run.
  • You can replace the standard Remote Utilities logo and welcome text with your own in the Agent window. See the customization example.
  • A remote session is active for as long as Agent is running. Once the Agent window is closed, the session is terminated.
  • You can restart Agent as an administrator.

Removing Agent

Despite the fact that Agent is a run-only module it still saves its settings on the computer at first run. If you want to completely get rid of Agent files, configuration and logs you will need to delete the following items:

  • The Agent ".exe" file that you downloaded;
  • The folder C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Remote Utilities Agent\;
  • The registry entry with Agent settings Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Usoris\Remote Utilities.

You only need to completely remove Agent if you want to clean up all the traces, e.g. to avoid picking up old settings when running a newly downloaded vanilla Agent. Note that if you build a custom Agent using the MSI Configurator your custom Agent settings will apply anyway regardless of whether there are traces of a previuosly run Agent or not.

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