Remote access

Get instant access to a remote PC over a LAN or via the Internet.


Organize your remote computers using a single Viewer app.

Connection modes

Choose from 15 different connection modes each suitable for a specific task.


Use multiple helper features while in a remote session.


Customize the program installer for mass deployment.


Strong default security level with additional security options available.


What our customers say


I have been on the hunt for a remote control solution that I could wrap my arms around and have it do all I want it to do and not have to break the bank or have to pay forever. I have found that solution here with Remote Utilities.

One of the first things my new Computer Support provider did was send me the link to Remote Utilities. It sat in my inbox for five months until one day while pounding by head against the wall trying to figure out what would do more of what I want DameWare, LogMeIn or TeamViewer. Each one has something the other has or does something slightly better then the other but none of them knocked my socks off. I shared my frustration with my IT support person and he asked me if I ever looked into the link to Remote Utilities he had sent me, The light bulb shined as I remembered that was one of the e-mails that I had been keeping in my inbox to check out someday when I had some free time.

My oh my, I am so glad I made the time to check this out before going with one of my other choices. The search ended here. Remote utilities does everything I need it to do and more. It seems everyday I find something new I can do with it and it is all included in one license fee. The best part for me is the Active Directory integration. Saved lots of time for me and I don't have a large network. It seems to have all the best parts of the most popular choices of remote control software but better and with more options too. It is even easier to setup and deploy including remote install and Group Policy install on the LAN. You can customize your own MSI to keep your installs quick and consistent. If you try this out, you too will be singing it's praises and wondering how you survived without it!!

GraniteGeek, Manufacturing, 1-50 Employees


Product literature

Download product materials in PDF format.


Search an extensive product documentation.


Talk to other users and our support staff.


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