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Use the Task Manager mode to view processes, windows, services and users on the remote computer.

Starting Task Manager mode

On the General tab select Task Manager and double-click on a connection in your address book:

Task Manager connection mode

Alternatively, right-click on the connection icon and select Task Manager from the menu:

Task Manager - Right Click

Enter the access password and click OK:

Enter access password
Task Manager - enter password

The Task Manager window will open. The window has four tabs.

Processes tab

Processes tab
  • Refresh button - refresh the processes list manually
  • Execute - launch the Execute mode
  • Kill process - kill the selected process
  • Refresh speed - set the auto-refresh interval in seconds

Windows tab

Windows tab
  • Refresh button - refresh the list of windows manually
  • Close window - close the selected remote window

Services tab

Services tab
  • Start Service - start the selected remote service
  • Stop Service - stop the selected remote service

Users tab

Users tab
  • Disconnect - disconnect the selected terminal user
  • Logoff - log the selected terminal user off
  • Send message - send simple text message to the selected user: Send message window
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