Task Manager

Use the Task Manager mode to view processes, windows, services and users on the remote computer.

Starting Task Manager mode

On the General tab select Task Manager and double-click on a connection in your address book:

Task Manager connection mode

Alternatively, right-click on the connection icon and select Task Manager from the menu:

Task Manager - Right Click

Enter the access password and click OK:

Enter access password

The Task Manager window will open. The window has four tabs.

Processes tab

Processes tab
  • Refresh button - refresh the processes list manually
  • Execute - launch the Execute mode
  • Kill process - kill the selected process
  • Refresh speed - set the auto-refresh interval in seconds

Windows tab

Windows tab
  • Refresh button - refresh the list of windows manually
  • Close window - close the selected remote window

Services tab

Services tab
  • Start Service - start the selected remote service
  • Stop Service - stop the selected remote service

Users tab

Users tab
  • Disconnect - disconnect the selected terminal user
  • Logoff - log the selected terminal user off
  • Send message - send simple text message to the selected user: Send message window
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