Adding connections

About connections

Connections are items in your address book. Each connection represents a certain remote PC and has the following properties:

  • IP address, Internet-ID or DNS name of the remote PC
  • Other properties such as color depth, port number, proxy settings etc.

You can set individual properties for a single connection or change properties for multiple connections at once. You can also set default connection properties for all newly created connections. Learn about these features in the Editing connections section.

Adding a connection to an address book

To add a new connection:

  1. In the Viewer click Add Computer: Add new connection button
  2. Enter a descriptive name and the ID (or IP address) of the remote PC and click OK. New connection dialog

Available options:

  • Check Connect now, select a connection mode in the dropdown menu and click OK to save a new connection to your address book AND launch a remote session right away.
  • Check Advanced and click OK to open a Properties window to adjust connection properties prior to saving the connection to your address book.
  • If you want to just save the connection to your address book without launching a remote session and adjusting its properties, clear both check boxes and click OK.

Add using code

You can customize the Host (or Agent) module so that it sends remote ID and access password to you in an encrypted e-mail message upon installation/run. To add the ID and password to your address book from the encrypted message:

  1. Copy the encrypted block of text from the e-mail message.
  2. Click on the Add using code button on the Connection tab: Add using code button on the Connections tab
  3. Paste the code into the form and click OK: Enter notification code form
  4. A new connection will be added to your address book with the ID and access password of the remote PC you received the email from.


If you receive an error message when trying to add a connection using code, refer to this article for solution.

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