Ports Used by RU Server

RU Server uses two ports — TCP 5655 as communication port and TCP 5670 for server administration.

Communication port

By default, RU Server communicates with Viewer and Hosts through a single TCP port 5655:

Module Port Direction
RU Server TCP 5655 Inbound
Viewer TCP 5655 Outbound
Host TCP 5655 Outbound

You can change the port or even set multiple ports. For more information, see Server configuration.

Administration port

You can remotely connect to a running RU Server from another computer using Admin Console. By default, TCP port 5670 is used:

Module Port Direction
RU Server TCP 5670 Inbound
RU Server Administrator Console TCP 5670 Outbound

For more information, see Using Admin Console.


You can change communication and administration ports in the RU Server Configuration dialog. If you change the default communication port values, remember to update the corresponding port values in your Viewers and Hosts since the communication port is needed for the program's relay and sync functions to work.

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