Use the Configuration dialog to start and stop the service and change access settings.

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Opening configuration dialog

On the computer where RU Server is installed, go to Windows Start menu, select All programs -> Remote Utilities Server -> Configuration.

Service state

  • Start - Start the service
  • Stop - Stop the service
  • Install - Install the service
  • Uninstall - Uninstall the service
  • Integrate with firewall - Integrate the service with Windows built-in firewall (add to exclusions)
  • Language - change interface language

Access and administration

  • Allow named pipes connection (local connection) - use this option to allow connections to the server from the Administrator Console installed on the same PC as the server itself (default option)
    • Require administrator rights - the Administrator Console must be run as an administrator to enable connection to the service
  • Allow TCP/IP connection - allow connecting to the service from an Administrator Console installed/run on another PC
    • Password - also set access password
    • Port - port used for connecting to the service
  • Start admin module automatically - this will automatically run the Administrator Console on this computer when Windows starts