Push-Install Using GPO

You can push-install the Host across your Windows network using GPO. Either the vanilla MSI package or a custom MSI package configured using the MSI Configurator can be deployed.

  1. In the Group Policy Management snap-in, create a new group policy object: Group Policy Management Create GPO
  2. If you want to install the Host on only some computers in the network, create another node that will contain only the required computers.
  3. Right-click on the newly created object and select Edit: Edit GPO
  4. Add the MSI package to the list of programs to be installed in the domain. To do this, in the Group Policy Management Editor select Computer ConfigurationPoliciesSoftware SettingsSoftware installation right click and select NewPackage...: Add installation package
  5. Select the Host MSI package on the disc and click Open: Select MSI package
  6. In the Deploy software dialog select Assigned and click OK: Select Assigned
  7. The package is ready for deployment. Make sure that the Remote Utilities - Host record appears: Package ready for deployment
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