Active Directory group policies

You can push-install the Host across your Windows network using GPO. Either the vanilla package or a custom-configured MSI package can be deployed.

  1. Start the Server Manager snap-in, select the Properties item in the context menu of the domain where you want to install the program and open the group policy object. Server manager settings
  2. If you want to install the Host on only some computers in the network, create another node that will contain only the required computers.
  3. Make sure that the Always wait for network at computer startup and logon policy is enabled in the Computer ConfigurationAdministrative templatesSystemLogon section. Server manager settings
  4. Add the MSI package to the list of programs to be installed in the domain. To do this, select the NewPackage... item in the context menu of the Computer ConfigurationPoliciesSoftware SettingsSoftware Installation object: Server manager settings
  5. Select the Assigned radio button for the Host MSI and click OK:Server manager settings
  6. The package is ready for deployment. Make sure that the Remote Utilities - Host record appears: Server manager settings