Updating Remote Utilities


  • Update the Viewer first.
  • Update the Hosts second. It is recommended that you update one to two Hosts first, to make sure that you understand the procedure. Then proceed with updating the other Hosts.
  • When the update is finished, wait 10-15 seconds for the remote Host service to restart before connecting to the remote PC.
  • If you want to update the remote Host without changing its settings (i.e. the ID, password, etc.), use the vanilla installer. If you are using a custom installer, make sure that you select "Skip Host settings configuration" on the fourth step of the MSI configuration process.

Video tutorial

Updating Viewer

Run the Viewer installer file (viewer6.x.msi) on the Viewer PC and follow the installation instructions.

Updating Host

You will know that a remote Host is outdated and requires an update when a special icon MSI icon update appears beside the Host thumbnail in the Viewer’s address book:

MSI Update icons in Viewer

Updating Host locally

The simplest way to update the Host is to run the installer file while being physically at the remote PC. Just run the Host installer file host6.x.msi on the remote PC and follow the installation instructions.

Updating Host remotely

If you have multiple Hosts in different locations, a better option would be to update them remotely via a LAN or the Internet using the built-in Remote Install tool:

  1. Make sure that you have updated the Viewer to the latest version.
  2. Open the Viewer and select the Tools tab. If there are any remote Hosts that require an update, the Update Outdated Hosts button will appear on the tab:
  3. Select the Hosts in the address book and click Update Outdated Hosts.
  4. The Remote Installation tool window will open. Notice that all outdated Hosts are pre-selected:
  5. In the Connection type field select Remote Utilities Security.
  6. In the Action field select Upgrade host.
  7. In the Specify… field, click on Browse and select the Host installer file (host6.x.msi).


    Make sure that you downloaded the most recent version of the Host.

  8. Click Process Action and wait until all the selected PCs are updated. You can monitor the update process in the Action log tab.
  9. Log on again to the remote PCs to update their status in the Viewer’s connection list. If you have successfully updated the remote Hosts, the Outdated Hosts icon should disappear.