Updating Remote Utilities


  • Update Viewer first.
  • Update Hosts second. We recommend that you choose a safe strategy and update Hosts in small groups (5-25 Hosts at one time).
  • Allow 1-2 minutes for the remote Host service to start responding after the update.

Updating Viewer

Method 1: Self-update

  1. Make sure Viewer is version or later. See HelpAbout Remote Utilities. Otherwise, use the Manual method below.
  2. Click HelpCheck for updates. If a new version is available, the program will ask if you want to update Viewer. Click Yes.
  3. Viewer will automatically download the latest version, update itself and restart: Viewer update

Method 2: Manual update

  1. Download Viewer installer file.
  2. Run the installer file on the Viewer PC and follow the installation instructions. Your existing address books and settings will get imported to the new Viewer automatically.

Updating Hosts

Method 1: Self-update by remote command

Host can update itself by a command sent from the Viewer. Updating multiple Hosts using this method is also possible.

  1. Open the Viewer and switch to the Details view. Sort by the Update required column to see which Hosts require updating: Details view in Viewer
  2. Select the Hosts to update, right-click on the selection and select Simple update: Simple update context menu
  3. Review the list of the Hosts to be updated and click Update: Simple update dialog
  4. You will be notified when the update process starts: Update notification

    If some of your Hosts didn't update, this might mean that they couldn't connect to our update server. Please, check Host log for more information and contact our technical support.

  5. Allow 1-2 minutes for the Host service to restart after the update. Re-logon to your Hosts and check the Version column to ensure that Hosts have updated to the most recent version: Update finished

Method 2: Manual update

Use this method if you have few remote PCs and they are within physical reach.

  1. Download Host installer file.
  2. Run the Host installer on each remote PC. Follow the installation wizard instructions.

Method 3: Using Remote Install tool (advanced)

We highly recommend that you update your Hosts using Method 1 or Method 2 above. It is only justified to use the "Remote Install tool" method in the following scenarios:

  • You need to also update some of the Host settings and not just the program version.
  • Methods 1 and 2 cannot be used for some reason. E.g. your Hosts are on an isolated corporate network without Internet access and therefore cannot connect to our web server to download the update package.
  • Your corporate security policy does not allow you to initiate self-update of a program.

For more information on using the Remote Install tool please refer to this page.

Updating Agent

Download the latest Agent file and replace it on the computer where you run the Agent.

Updating Portable Viewer

Viewer self-update (Method 1) does NOT work for Portable Viewer. To update portable Viewer please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest portable Viewer package and extract it on your computer.
  2. Copy the following files and folders from the old Viewer folder to the new Viewer folder:
    • The config_4.xml file. This is the Viewer configuration file.
    • The connections_4.xml file. This is the General address book. If you have .xml files of other address books, copy them too.
    • The backups folder.
  3. The update process is finished. Run Viewer by clicking on the rutview file and make sure that your settings and address book records were imported into the new location.

Updating RU Server

Download the latest RU Server installer file and run it on the computer with your existing Server installation. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Your server data and settings will be automatically migrated during installation.

If you want to be on the safe side and back up your Server data first, please refer to this knowledge base article for information on data file and Windows registry entry locations.

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