Full Control and View

The Full Control mode allows you to view the remote screen, move the remote mouse pointer and send clicks/keystrokes.

The View Only mode, as the name implies, allows you to view the remote screen without access to the remote mouse pointer and keyboard.

Starting Full Control mode

  1. Select a connection in the address book
  2. Click Full Control on the General tab: Full Control connection mode button
  3. The Full Control window will open: Full Control window


To alternate between Full Control and View Only modes without closing the window, use the toggle icon ( Full Control View mode toggle icon ) on the toolbar.

Tabbed view

Remote Utilities allows you to start multiple simultaneous remote sessions. Sessions are open in tabs in the Full Control mode window.


You can turn off tabs so that each session is shown in its individual window. In the Viewer click ToolsOptionsRemote Screen and clear the Tabbed view check box.


The toolbar contains frequently-used commands. To reveal the toolbar, hover your mouse pointer over the top edge of the Full Control window.

Full Control mode toolbar
Full Control/View only mode switch Mode switch - switch between Full control and View only modes
Capture sound button Capture sound - enable this to listen to audio played back on the remote PC
Session recording button Session recording - enable video recording of the remote session
Connection properties button Connection properties - change connection properties on-the-fly during a remote session
Other modes menu button Other modes - run another connection mode
Switch monitor button Remote monitors - switch to a specific remote monitor (for a multi-monitor setup)
Switch terminal session button Terminal sessions - if there is a Microsoft terminal server running on the remote PC, you can switch to a specific terminal session using this menu
Lock input and blank remote screen button Lock input and screen - lock the remote mouse pointer, keyboard input, and blank the remote screen during the current session
Start a mini chat button Text chat - enable the mini-chat panel (see below)
Additional commands button Additional commands menu - dropdown menu with additional commands (see below)
Pin the toolbar button Pin - make the toolbar always visible at the top of the window
Minimize Full Control mode button Minimize - minimize the Full Control window and get to local desktop. This button also works in the fullscreen mode
Close button Close - close the Full Control window and end the remote session

Additional commands

Click on the icon ( Additional commands icon ) to invoke a menu with additional commands:

  • Normal view - set screen mode to normal (actual pixels are shown and no scaling occurs)
  • Stretch view - stretch or shrink the remote screen image to fit into the Full Control window
  • Fullscreen view - remove Full Control window border and use your entire screen for remote screen
  • Fullscreen stretch view - stretch or shrink the remote screen image to fit in your entire screen
  • Send Ctrl+Alt+Del - send a Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to the remote PC
  • Send key - send a key or key combination to the remote PC
  • Make screenshot - take a screenshot of the Full Control window and save it on the local disc (the Windows "Save" dialog will appear).
  • Get remote clipboard - copy the contents of the remote clipboard to the local clipboard
  • Set remote clipboard - copy the contents of the local clipboard to the remote clipboard


Mini-chat is a simplified version of the Text Chat mode. The mini-chat panel opens alongside the Full Control window and allows chatting with remote users and viewing their desktops simultaneously.

To open the mini-chat panel click the chat icon ( Mini-chat icon on the toolbar ) on the toolbar. The mini-chat panel will open:

Mini-chat panel

To send a message, enter the message in the text field and click Send or press the Enter key.

Hot keys

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when in the Full Control mode:

  • Ctrl+Alt+F12 — Send a Ctrl+Alt+Del command to the remote PC
  • F12 — toggle view modes (Normal, Stretch etc.)
  • Ctrl + F12 — show connection properties
  • Alt + Pause — put the current session on hold
  • Alt + F4 — close the Full Control window

You can change the default keyboard shortcuts in the Viewer Options.

Drag and Drop

You can copy files and folders from/to a remote PC using drag and drop. For example, to copy a file from the remote PC to the local PC, click the file and drag it away from the Full Control window. Drop the file over the target window or the desktop on the local PC.

How drag and drop works