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The network settings include listening port, proxy server and callback connection settings. These settings can be found in the Network section of the Settings for Host.. dialog.


Specify the inbound port that the Host will use for direct connection (TCP 5650 by default). Additionally, you can enable IPv6 support and system firewall integration at each startup.

Port settings

This port is NOT used for an Internet-ID connection. See Ports for more information on the ports used by the program.


If your Host computer is connected to the Internet via a proxy server, you might need to specify your proxy server settings here. Learn how to configure access via a proxy server.

Proxy settings


A callback (also reverse) connection is a type of direct connection when the Viewer's external IP address is used to connect to a Host not directly accessible (e.g. located behind a NAT/Firewall). Learn how to configure a callback connection.

Callback settings

In version and earlier the Host listening port, proxy and callback settings are available in the Options dialog (select "Show content for version 6.8" at the top of the page).

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