Remote Printing

You can print a remote document on a local printer without having the original application installed on your local PC.

In order to use this feature you must agree to install a virtual printer driver during Host installation, which is checked by default:

Installation wizard - Install remote printer option

A new printer called "Remote Utilities printer" will appear in Devices and Printers on the remote PC after you have installed the Host:

Devices and Printers dialog

Printing the remote file

  1. Open the source document on the remote PC. Use the Print.. command as you would normally do when printing. However, instead of selecting your regular printer, select the Remote Utilities printer. Click Print. Print dialog
  2. The Host will send print data to the Viewer and the following window will appear on the Viewer side: Remote printing dialog
  3. Use the buttons at the top to print the pages immediately or save them for printing later.
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