Voice and Video Chat

The Voice and Video Chat mode allows you to talk to the user sitting at the remote PC and view the image from their web camera on your screen.

Starting Voice & Video chat mode

On the General tab select Voice and Video chat and double-click on a connection in your address book:

Voice and Video connection mode

Alternatively, right-click on the connection icon and select Other modesVoice and Video chat from the menu:

Voice and Video - Right Click

Enter the access password and click OK:

Enter access password

The Voice & Video chat window will open:

Voice and Video chat window
  • Settings - click Settings to access video and audio settings for the local and remote PCs
  • Voice call - start voice-only chat (no video)
  • Video call - start voice and video chat

Making a call

To make a voice or video, call click Voice call or Video call in the Voice & Video Chat window. A call prompt window will open on the remote PC:

A call prompt window

The remote user must select one of three options:

  • Answer - answer the call without video
  • Answer with video - engage in the voice and video chat, where the sides will see each other provided they have web cameras connected to their PCs
  • Decline - decline the call

Once the remote user selects Answer or Answer with video the chat window will open:

Voice and Video chat window

When the remote user answers with video, a camera image is shown in the window.


Voice and Video chat settings
  • Active - enable/disable video/audio capture
  • Device - select video/audio device on the remote PC
  • Quality - video quality from very low to very high (selecting lower quality improves performance)
  • Sync frequency - sync frequency. 'Auto' is recommended.
  • Save as default - save the selected options as default
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