Send Message

Use the Send Message mode to send a plain text message to a single remote computer or broadcast a message to multiple remote computers. The message will be immediately displayed on the remote screen.

Send a message to a single computer

  1. On the General tab select Send message and double-click on a connection in your address book:

    Hint: Use the scrollbar on the right to reveal additional connection mode icons.

    Send message connection mode
  2. Enter the access password and click OK: Enter access password
  3. The Send message window will open. Type in your message and click OK to send it: Send message window

Broadcast a message

  1. Select multiple connections by dragging your mouse cursor or holding down Ctrl or Shift key when selecting connections: Selecting multiple records
  2. Right-click on the selection and select Other modesSend message from the menu. Click the Send message menu item


    If you are not currently logged in to the selected remote hosts, you will have to enter the password for each selected Host in the password prompt window.

  3. The Send Message window will open with a list of target computers on the left. Type in your message and click OK to broadcast the message to the recipients: Broadcast message window
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