Main window and built-in tools

Viewer main window New connection dialog Add or edit a domain controller Create shortcut on the desktop
MSI Configurator Scan network for available hosts Remote install and upgrade tool Properties menu

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Connection modes

Full Control mode Full Control with mini-chat Telnet mode Remote printing
File Transfer mode window Text Chat mode window Screen Recorder mode - player window Voice and Video chat
Remote Registry mode Execute mode Power Control mode Inventory manager

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Connection properties

Connection properties - General Connection properties - Security Connection properties - Network Connection properties - Auto ping
Connection properties - RDP Connection properties - Mode Connection properties - Color and CPU Connection properties - Additional properties

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Viewer options

View tab Remote screen tab Tray tab Callback tab
Hotkeys tab Misc tab Update tab Event log tab

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Host settings

Settings menu Authorization method Host options - General tab Host options - Network tab
Host settings protection Internet ID connection settings Setting custom intermediary server Selecting startup mode

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