Scan Network for Hosts

The Viewer has a built-in system of searching the network for Hosts. You can scan a single IP address or an IP address range. The search uses multiple threads, which allows large network segments to be scanned within a very short time. It is possible to specify the number of search threads in Viewer options.

Opening the Host scanner

To open the Host scanner, in the Viewer open the Tools tab and click the Scan for RU hosts button:

Scan for Hosts button

The scanner window will open:

Scanning for Hosts window

Scanning for Hosts

In the left pane specify the range of IP addresses to scan. You can also enter multiple ranges. Use the buttons scan buttons for adding, editing or deleting IP addresses or ranges.

Scanning for Hosts window populated

In the Scan port number field specify the Host's listening port to scan (5650 is the default value). Click the Search button to start the scan.

Scan results are displayed in the right pane. The following notation is used:

  • Computer offline The computer is offline.
  • Computer online, no Host The computer is online, no Host detected.
  • Computer online, Host detected The computer is online, an installed Host detected.

Adding found Hosts to address book

To add found Hosts as new connections to your currently selected address book (or a folder in an address book) select the Hosts in the search results and click Add to address book.

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