Internet-ID Settings

The Internet-ID dialog is where you set or change the settings for an Internet-ID connection, including the Internet-ID code and Internet-ID server.

Enabling Internet-ID

1. Right-click the Host icon in the system tray and select Internet-ID connection settings: Host menu - Internet-ID settings

2. Click Get New ID:

Internet-ID dialog

3. A new Internet-ID code will be generated for this Host:

Internet-ID dialog with ID generated

4. Copy the Internet-ID code and close the window. You need to use this Internet-ID code when adding a new connection record in the Viewer address book. Refer to the Connecting over the Internet page for details.

You don't have to generate an Internet-ID code each time you connect to this Host. Once generated, the ID stays the same unless you manually re-issue it in the Internet-ID settings.

Advanced Internet-ID settings

Click the Advanced button to change advanced settings.

Advanced Internet-ID menu expanded
  • Turn on/Turn off – turn the Internet-ID feature on and off
  • Get new ID – generate a new Internet-ID code
  • Select Internet-ID server – specify your self-hosted server instead of our public server

Selecting Internet-ID Server

This is where you can specify your self-hosted server to be used for an Internet-ID connection instead of our public (default) servers.

1. In the Internet-ID settings window click Advanced and select Select Internet-ID server:

Select Internet-ID server menu item

2. Clear the Use default server check box and specify your self-hosted server IP address or DNS name. If you use a different port for your RU Server, also specify the port. Learn more about server ports.

Select Internet-ID server dialog

3. Click OK and close Internet-ID connection settings window.

Setting a PIN-code

If you set PIN-code on your self-hosted server, you must specify that PIN code in the Host settings as shown below:

Set PIN code

The PIN-code feature is used to prevent unauthorized Hosts from connecting via your self-hosted server.

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