Remote Access for Healthcare

Remote Access for Healthcare

Like the finance industry, the healthcare industry could adapt the Remote Utilities remote desktop software to work in isolated networks. For security purposes, a policy to restrict internet access in the remote connections may require the deployment of a LAN-only connection.

HIPAA compliance

To safeguard patients' data, Remote Utilities offers you cutting-edge security technology in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. Our software considers how HIPAA affects your operation and works to protect patients' data in your industry, from healthcare providers to health insurance companies. See our HIPAA compliance statement.

Strong protection of patients' data

In its simplistic nature, the patients' data protection begins from the address books management and the level of protection each remote computer enjoys in the system. Listing the details and configuration of each remote terminal, you could easily enable permission-based access on the remote computers. This feature protects patients' information from the base level even before implementing other security and privacy measures like password protection, two-factor authentication, etc.

MSI configuration and mass deployment

Like the education and government sectors, remote connections in the healthcare industry require multiple remote computers. Aside from the benefit of scalability of the Remote Utilities solution, the software offers you the convenience of the pre-configuration of the Host and Agent modules to enable mass installation. The built-in MSI configurator makes pre-configuration possible and ensures the installation of Remote Utilities across the remote computers in the network without doing so individually.

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