Understanding license types

License types

There are five license types. Each license type has a corresponding license key format:

License type Key starts with

A license comparison table is available on this page.

Multiple license keys

When registering the program you can add multiple license keys to the License key storage. The keys must be of the same type, and their license counts add up.

License Key Storage window

In the screenshot above two MINI license keys have been added to the storage. One key is for 1 tech and the other key is for 3 techs. The keys add up, so you will be allowed 4 concurrent techs in total. Both keys must be added in each Viewer in use.


In case of FREE license the License Count means the number of remote PCs allowed per tech. In case of other license types (STARTER, MINI, PRO and SITE) the License Count means the number of allowed concurrent techs (operators).

Free license

Only one free license key can be added to the License Key Storage. No other keys regardless of their type can be used together with a free license key. If you want to add a commercial license key, you must first remove your free license key from the storage.

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