License types

License types

There are three license types — "per operator", "per remote PC" and "free license". Each license type has a corresponding license key format:

License type Key starts with
Per operator RUT-H...
Per remote PC RUT-C...
Per remote PC (free) RUT-Z...

Learn more about each license type on the Licensing page.

Multiple license keys

You register the program by adding your license key to the License Key Storage in the Viewer module. Most users only need to add one license key. However, it is possible to add multiple keys to the storage.

License Key Storage window

In the screenshot above two license keys of different types have been added to the storage. In most cases the keys of the same type are added. For example, you can purchase additional licenses that expand your current available license count.


The examples below show how adding multiple license keys works. For simplicity, only two keys are used in each example but the actual number of keys can be more than two.

Per operator + Per operator

Multiple per-operator keys add up. For example, you may have one key for one operator and another key for two operators. You need to add both keys in each Viewer on each operator's computer. You will be allowed three concurrent operators in total.

Per operator + Per remote PC

If there is a mix of per-operator and per-remote-PC keys in the storage, only per operator key(s) work. For example, you have added one key for one operator and another key for 50 remote PCs in the storage. You are allowed an unlimited number of PCs in your address book but only one concurrent operator can work with the license.

Per remote PC + Per remote PC

Multiple per-remote-PC keys simply add up. For example, you have one key for 15 PCs and another key for 20 PCs. If both keys are added to the license key storage, you are allowed to add up to 35 machines in your Viewer address book.

Free license key + Any key

Only one free license key can be added to the storage. No other keys are allowed regardless of their type. If you want to add a commercial license key, you must first remove your free license key from the storage.