Understanding license types

License types

Remote Utilities offers one free license and five paid licenses.

Free license

Our Free license allows one person to use the program to control up to 10 remote computers. This covers both personal and business use. A free license key cannot be used alongside a paid key.

Only one free license key is allowed per company, individual or organization. See our EULA for more information. To generate a free license key please use this form.

Paid licenses

Ther are five paid licenses: Starter, Mini, Pro, Site and Endpoint. You can learn about the differences between these license types in this comparison table.

Free vs. Trial

The Free license is not to be confused with the Viewer's 30-day trial mode. During the trial period the number of computers you can control is unlimited. Applying a free license key will remove the 30-day trial limit and apply the 10-remote-pc limit to your installation.

If you want to evaluate Remote Utilities in a larger environment (e.g. a network with hundreds of remote pcs) we recommend that you keep it running in the trial mode, rather than register it with a free license.

Adding multiple license keys


Ability to add multiple keys is kept for compatibility. We recommend that you avoid using multiple keys in the same License key storage where possible to avoid confusion in multi-user scenarios.

If you have several license keys of the same type you can add them all in the license key storage and they will add up.

License Key Storage window

In the screenshot above two Starter license keys have been added to the storage. One key is for 1 concurrent tech and the other key is for 2 concurrent techs. The keys add up resulting in 3 concurrent techs in total. Both keys must be added in the License key storage on each Viewer in use.

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