Managing address books

Use Address Book Manager to add address books into the Viewer and edit their properties and synchronization settings (if any).

Opening Address Book Manager

  1. Go to Tools tab and click Address Book Manager: Address book manager button
  2. The Address Book Manager window will open: Address book manager window

Adding records

Adding a record to the Address Book Manager means adding the path to an address book .xml file. You can then turn displaying that address book in your Viewer on and off by selecting or clearing the checkbox next to the record.

  1. In the Address Book Manager click Add and select Open existing address book. Add address book dialog
  2. Select the address book file and click Open. Windows Open dialog
  3. Select the corresponding checkbox in the Address Book Manager and click Close. Address book manager window
  4. The address book will appear in the left pane of the Viewer window. Viewer window with the address book added on the left

Editing records

To edit an existing record in the Address Book Manager:

  1. Select the record in the list and click Edit: Address Book Manager window
  2. Edit the general properties: Edit address book dialog, General tab
    • Active — enable or disable showing the address book in the Viewer
    • Address book name — specify the name under which the address book should appear in the Viewer
    • Location — click Browse to specify the path to the address book on the local disc
  3. Edit synchronization properties: Edit address book dialog, Synchronization tab
    • Enable synchronization — enable automatic synchronization via RU Server
    • Internet-ID server address — IP address or DNS name of the sync server
    • Internet-ID server port — port used by the sync server
    • Password — password/encryption passphrase used by the sync server

Deleting records

To delete a record from the Address book manager, select the record with your mouse and click Delete.

Address book manager window


Deleting a record will NOT delete the actual address book file. It's only the path to the file that is deleted from the Address Book Manager.

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