Connection alerts

Remote Utilities is a legitimate remote access software that can be used by authorized users for remote support. However, malicious actors may attempt to trick unsuspecting users into installing Remote Utilities on their computer and grant unauthorized access. This is known as 'social engineering' and it can be a serious security risk.

To prevent unauthorized access and protect your privacy, Remote Utilities includes two alert messages to notify you of any possible unauthorized installations. These alerts serve as an early warning system to help you identify and prevent the use of Remote Utilities for unauthorized access to your computer.

Connection alert 1 (persistent)

The following alert message will be displayed if the Host is being accessed from a Viewer registered with a free license key or in the 30-day trial mode. This alert cannot be removed and is always shown so long as it is accessed from the said Viewer.

However, if the Host is accessed from a Viewer with a commercial license (such as Starter, Mini, Pro, Site or Endpoint), the alert message will not be displayed.

Connection alert 1

Connection alert 2 (one-time)

The following alert message is only displayed under specific conditions and will not appear otherwise, regardless of the license. The alert will be shown once for a given Host and can be closed by the remote user clicking the OK button. Note that the OK button cannot be clicked remotely via a remote session.

Connection alert 2

This alert is shown only if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The Host was installed using a custom Host package with the Internet-ID connection enabled.
  • The Viewer that connects to the Host is registered with a FREE, ENDPOINT, STARTER, or MINI license, or in a 30-day trial mode.

The alert is not displayed if at least one of the following applies:

  • The Host was installed using the vanilla installer.
  • The Internet-ID connection is not enabled (i.e., direct connection is used).
  • The Viewer that connects to the Host is registered with a PRO or SITE license.
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