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Portable Viewer

Portable Viewer doesn't require installation. Use Portable Viewer if you need to work from multiple computers or when installing regular Viewer is not possible.

Portable Viewer provides the same functionality as regular Viewer. The only difference between them is that regular (installable) Viewer stores its address book and configuration file in the %APPDATA\Roaming\Remote Utilities Files folder whereas Portable Viewer stores all files in a single folder that you can copy onto a USB stick and take with you anywhere.

How to use portable Viewer

  1. Download the portable Viewer file (.zip) to your computer: Downloading portable Viewer
  2. Extract the files to a desired destination, such as a USB flash drive: Unzipping portable Viewer
  3. Run the file rutview.exe to launch the Viewer: Running portable Viewer

Address books and configuration file

Portable Viewer stores its configuration file (config_4.xml) and general address book file (connections_4.xml) in the same folder where its main executable file (rutview.exe) is. These files are created automatically in the folder upon the first run of the program and upon creating the first address book entry respectively.

You can create or add more address books if necessary. Just make sure that the corresponding XML files of the address books are located in the portable Viewer folder. This will ensure that the paths in the Address Book Manager update automatically if you change the portable Viewer folder location (e.g. run it on another computer). Learn more about managing address books.

Licensing and registration

Just like installable Viewer Portable Viewer must be registered with a valid license key after the trial period is over. The license information is stored in the same program folder as the rest of the files.

In order to register Portable Viewer with a free or commercial license key please follow Registration: Free license or Registration: Commercial license tutorials respectively.


All interface languages of the installable version are also available in the portable version. Click ToolsLanguage to open a language selector window.

Updating portable Viewer

Follow this guide if you need to update your portable Viewer to the latest version.

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