Multi-Layered Security System

During remote access sessions, Remote Utilities provides multiple layers of security to ensure the protection of both your data and system. You can trust that your computers and data are in safe hands and that the software operates with the highest standards of integrity.

Secure Data Transfers

  • TLS 1.2 encryption secures all communication between Viewer and Host, including file transfers and screen captures.
  • Encryption is always on and cannot be disabled, providing constant protection for your data.
  • IP filtering allows connections only from selected addresses and blacklists potential security threats on your remote Host or RU Server.
  • Host identity check mechanism ensures a secure connection with the intended Host.

Enhanced Authentication Security

  • Strong password protection with permission-based access.
  • Two-factor authentication that uses compatible 2FA apps like Google Authenticator to generate one-time passwords.
  • Brute-force attack protection increases the time before fresh login attempts can be made after entering wrong passwords.
  • Blank passwords or default passwords are not allowed.

Additional Protection Layers

  • Address book encryption safeguards remote access data on the Viewer workstation.
  • Ask User Permission allows only authorized access and session timeouts for unattended access.
  • Lock Host settings with a password and hide the right-click menu to prevent tampering by remote users.
  • Protection by isolation—deploy RU Server for a fully autonomous remote access infrastructure.

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