Connect through Host

This feature allows you to use one of your Hosts as an intermediary for accessing other Hosts. Another term is cascade connection.

A typical use of this feature is when you need access from the outside to multiple PCs in your local network. Instead of exposing each PC to the outside world you can only allow access to a single Host PC and make it an intermediary for connecting to other Hosts in the LAN.


Currently this feature only works for direct connection. I.e. you must use the IP address or DNS name of each remote Host in the cascade.

To configure Connect through Host:

  1. In the Viewer, create a new connection for the Host that is going to act as an intermediary. Connection for the intermediary Host created
  2. Create another connection for the target Host. Connection for the target Host created
  3. Right-click the target Host connection in your address book and select Properties. Connection menu - Properties
  4. Open the Network tab, check Connect through the host and in the drop down menu select the intermediary Host (the one you set up in the first step): Connection properties - Network
  5. Click OK and close the Properties window.

Before connecting to the target Host, make sure that you are logged on to the intermediary Host. Then connect to the target Host as normal, i.e. by selecting it in your address book and clicking a desired connection mode on the toolbar (or using the right-click context menu). You must stay logged on to the intermediary Host during a remote session with the target Host.

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