Remote Access for Education & Government

Remote Access for Education and Government

With the Internet-ID connection, the Remote Utilities remote support software offers a remote connection over the internet without the tedious configuration of firewalls and routers. To establish the internet-ID connection, you can use our routing server or your self-hosted server. This ability to adapt a simple design is most beneficial for sectors like education and government, with several remote computers involved in their networks.

Special pricing

Educational, government and non-profit organizations receive 20% discount off the price of any Remote Utilities license. Remote Utilities is the best value for money on the remote control software market. Free lifetime technical support is another reason to choose Remote Utilities over other, more expensive and less sophisticated remote support solutions.

Easy MSI configuration

Given the number of remote computers in the education and government sectors, the pre-configuration of the Host and Agent with the MSI configurator tool saves the time you would have to spend configuring each system individually before installation. Take a many-to-one scenario where multiple students view one teacher's computer from their remote ends. The mass pre-configuration of the Host and Agent with the MSI technology helps hasten the establishment of such multiple remote end connections. The scenario is similar with remote connections for government institutions where several remote computers need to connect or send information to a central point.

Strong security

Also, in the education and government sectors where mass installation and remote connections over the internet seem ideal, strong security is non-negotiable. Our Remote Utilities desktop software offers dependable protection in such scenarios, mainly because there is a need for permission-based access given the number of remote terminals involved. Our software provides such security measures like password protection, two-factor authentication, data and address book encryption, Host identity check, and many other security features.

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