You can launch the native Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client from within Remote Utilities and connect to a remote computer using the RDP protocol. If the remote PC is not directly accessible by its IP address, you can connect using the Internet ID connection as transport. Learn more about RDP-over-ID.

Enabling RDP access on the remote PC

For the RDP mode to work you need to allow remote connections in Windows settings first. Here is how to do that in Windows 10:

  1. Click Windows Start button ➝ SettingsSystemRemote Desktop.
  2. Set the Enable Remote Desktop slider to the ON position: Enable remote desktop
  3. In the next window click Confirm: Confirm enable remote desktop

Starting RDP session

  1. Select a connection in the address book.
  2. Click RDP on the General tab (the modes panel is expandable): RDP button on the Viewer toolbar
  3. The native RDP remote access window will open and an RDP session will start

RDP connection properties

You can adjust various RDP connection properties through the connection properties for the selected remote PC. Please, refer to the Editing connections section for more information.

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