Configure Host Settings

In Step 4 of the configuration process you can choose whether you want to configure various Host settings (except the Internet-ID settings which are configured in Step 3 earlier):

Host settings configuration

The options General and network settings and Security settings refer to the corresponding sections in the Host configuration window:

General, Network and Security settings

The Host settings are explained in this section. If you want to leave the Host settings at their defaults, choose the Skip settings configuration option in Step 4.

Be careful when updating your existing Host installations with your custom package. Choices that you make in step 4 may affect the current settings on your Hosts. The table below shows what happens in each possible case:

Fresh installation Updating existing Host
Pre-configure Host will use the settings that you specify during configuration. Host will use the settings that you specify during configuration and previously used settings will be overwritten.
Skip settings configuration Host will install with the default settings. Security settings including the access password will be empty (not set). The settings will remain the same as they were prior to the update.
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