About Address Books


An address book is a list of items, known as connections, where each connection represents a remote computer. Address books are displayed in the Viewer. To start a remote session with a remote computer, simply select the corresponding icon in the address book and either double-click it or use the right-click menu.

Address book

For easier organization, connections can be grouped into folders (nested folders are also supported). Each connection has the same set of properties, and their values can be individually set for each connection. The properties include specific characteristics of a remote session, such as the destination IP address or Internet-ID code, access password, color depth, and more.

Types of Address Books

There are three types of address books:

  • A Local Address Book (Local book icon) is stored only on the Viewer's PC.
  • A Synced Address Book (Synced book icon) is stored on both the Viewer's PC and the RU Server if automatic address book sync is enabled.
  • An Active Directory Tree (Active Directory tree). More information about Active Directory support is available.

The "General Address Book" is an example of a Local Address Book that is created automatically once you install the Viewer.

Instant Search

The instant search function allows you to quickly find a connection in a specific folder or address book. Simply start typing in the search field, and the Viewer will update the search results in real-time to match your search criteria. We recommend switching to the Details view (View tabDetails) before using the instant search.

Instant search

Please note that the search scope is limited to the currently selected folder or address book. If you want to search in a different address book, simply select it in the left pane.

If you need to search across all address books currently loaded in the Viewer, you can do so by selecting the All connections item in the left navigation pane before typing the search term.

How it Works

Each address book is a single XML file. When you install the Viewer, a blank address book called the "General Address Book" is automatically created for you. By default, this address book is stored in the following location: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Remote Utilities Files\connections_4.xml.

For more information on how to manage entire address books, such as loading them into the Viewer or unloading them, please refer to this page: Managing Address Books.

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