Viewer parameters

You can run the Viewer executable file C:\Program Files\Remote Utilities - Viewer\rutview.exe using command line parameters.


rutview.exe /name:connection_name /connection_mode /password:password optional_parameter1 optional_parameter2 optional_parameter3

Basic parameters

  • /name:connection_name — the connection name as it is specified in your address book.
  • /password:password — the Host access password. You don't have to use this parameter if the access password has already been saved in the properties for the selected connection. If the password was not saved and you skip this parameter, the Viewer will ask you to enter the password when starting a remote session.

Connection mode parameters

  • /restart
  • /poweroff
  • /switchoff
  • /lock
  • /filename:program_name
  • /hidden

Special parameters

  • /create — if the connection with this name or ID was not found, it will be created
  • /host:IP address or ID — used together with /create and allows you to specify the IP address or Internet ID for the connection which is about to be created
  • /port:port_value — used together with /create and allows you to specify the listening port for the Host (5650 by default)

Example 1

Connect to a remote host called "Remote PC 1" with access password "12345678" in the Full Control mode:

rutview.exe /name:"Remote PC 1" /password:123456789 /fullcontrol


If parameter value contains spaces, enclose it with quotes (" ").

Example 2

Remotely start the Windows Calculator on the Host PC with the name "Remote PC 1":

rutview.exe /name:"Remote PC 1" /password:123456789 /remoteexecute /filename:calc.exe

Example 3

Restart the remote host with the name "Remote PC 1":

rutview.exe /name:"Remote PC 1" /password:123456789 /shutdown /restart
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