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The Execute mode allows you to run applications on the remote PC by sending commands from the local PC.

Starting Execute mode

On the General tab select Execute and double-click on a connection in your address book:

Execute connection mode

Alternatively, right-click on the connection icon and select Other modesExecute from the menu:

Execute - Right Click

Enter the access password and click OK:

Enter access password

The Execute window will open:

Execute mode window
  • Document or application path — path to the executable file or document you want to run on the remote PC. This field accepts command line parameters.
  • Browse — click this button to open the File Transfer mode window and select an executable file or document
  • Clear list — delete memorized entries from the drop down list
  • Hidden — run the file in the hidden mode (the application window will not be visible on the remote PC screen)
  • Use system account — use SYSTEM privileges rather than the privileges of the current user
  • Run as — run the file as a designated Windows account
  • Authentication — specify Windows account credentials to log onto the remote PC
  • Do not close — keep the Execute window open after clicking OK
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