What is an Internet-ID connection?

How it works

An Internet-ID connection uses an intermediate server on the Web ("Internet-ID server") to facilitate connection between Viewer and Host. This connection type can be used where a direct connection is not possible.

Internet ID connection

The Internet-ID connection does not require router or firewall configuration. To establish an Internet-ID connection please follow this guide.

Internet-ID code

An Internet-ID code is a unique 12-digit number assigned to a remote Host or Agent. When the Internet-ID connection is established, the code is used as the address of the remote Host or Agent.

Internet-ID code

Internet-ID server

When setting up the Internet-ID connection you can choose which intermediate server to use. There are two options:

  • Public Internet-ID servers that use our company infrastructure. This is the default and simplest option.
  • RU Server. This is a self-hosted module that you can deploy on your premises and set up remote connection routing.

Troubleshooting Internet-ID connections

To troubleshoot issues with Internet-ID connectivity please refer to this guide.

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