Keyboard Shortcuts

Viewer window

F2 Rename the selected connection or folder in an address book
F5 Update thumbnail previews
F8 Ping selected connection(s)
Alt+Enter Open connection properties for the selected connection
Del Delete the selected connection or folder

Full Control window

Ctrl+Alt+F12 Send the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to the remote PC
Alt+F12 Toggle between the Full Control and View Only modes
F12 Cycle through screen view modes—Normal, Stretch, Fullscreen and Fullscreen Stretch
Ctrl+F12 Show connection properties for the currently running remote session
Ctrl+F4 Close the remote session
Alt+TAB Cycle through windows on the remote PC
Q+Alt+TAB Cycle through windows on the local PC

File Transfer window

F2 Rename a file or a folder
F4 Edit a file
F5 Copy a file or folder to the other pane
F6 Move a file or folder to the other pane
F7 Create a new folder
F8 or Del Delete the selected file(s) or folder(s)
F9 Execute the selected file or application. If the file or application is located on the remote PC, an Execute mode window appears.
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+R Refresh the list
Alt+F4 Quit the File Transfer mode

Text Chat window

Enter Send a message
Ctrl+Enter Start a new line
Alt+F4 Quit the chat mode

Send Message window

Ctrl+Enter Send a message
Enter Start a new line
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