Host is a persistent module that you can install on a remote computer for 24/7 access including unattended access. You must have administrative privileges on the computer in order to install Host.

Host icon

You can review and change the Host settings through the Windows Start menu or by right-clicking its icon in the system tray.

Settings for Host

Host facts

  • Host can accept direct connections and Internet-ID connections. Direct connection is enabled by default. Internet-ID connection must be be enabled first. See Quick Start Guide.
  • Host works for both unattended and attended access. Enable Ask user permission if you want to ask the remote user permission to connect to their computer.
  • Host always runs as a SYSTEM service and starts with Windows by default. You can change this behavior in the startup mode settings.
  • Because Host runs as a system service, you can remotely control UAC prompt windows and perform administrative tasks on the remote computer.

Host icon colors

The Host icon in the system tray can turn different colors depending on the Host connection status and connection type (direct vs Internet-ID) used.

  • Blue icon (Blue icon ) can mean one of the following:
    • For direct connection the blue icon means that Host is ready for connection. Note, that this status doesn't tell if the Host inbound TCP port (default 5650) is allowed on the Host computer. See Ports used by Remote Utilities.
    • For Internet-ID connection the blue icon means that Host has successfully connected to an intermediate server and is ready for connection. The Internet-ID connection type doesn't require an inbound port to be open.
  • Red icon ( Red icon ) means that an active remote session is in progress. This applies both to direct connection and Internet-ID connection types.
  • Grey icon ( Grey icon ) means that the intermediate Internet-ID server is not available and you should troubleshoot the issue before attempting to establish an Internet-ID connection with this Host. It is still possible to connect to this Host using direct connection, provided that the necessary port is open.
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