Remote Access for IT

Remote Access for IT

If an industry offers the most adaptability to remote access desktop software solutions, it is the information technology industry. You can quickly deploy Remote Utilities across all networks to create the best customer experience and employee engagement. The Remote Utilities software offers you an easy route to customer satisfaction, from remote support to security. On the other hand, employees can access files in the network effortlessly. Our software also helps them define the access permissions to the files and folders in the network for different groups of users.

Remote support with ease

Remote Utilities offers users the necessary tools required to accelerate their IT companies’ growth and development. With our software, you can set up easier access to business support and growth data. Even more impressive is the ability of the software to help you establish easy management and control of the components of the network. It also offers you troubleshooting tools when necessary.

Highest configurability and customization

In addition, you can use the MSI configurator to customize particular settings you would like your remote Host to have after it has been installed. You need this feature in your IT company, especially when you want to deploy a Host in a domain across multiple computers, for example the Active Directory network. Also, when you have numerous remote clients that you support over the internet, the MSI configurator helps you create a custom Agent with your company logo and text for ad hoc remote support.

Sharing access to the same workstation or server

Finally, the many-to-one scenario also applies to the IT industry. Remote Utilities provides users the unique opportunity to access central information from their remote terminals. The permission-based security features of our software guarantee the maintenance and sustainability of the remote connection by ensuring that only authorized access is possible.

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