Licensing FAQ

  1. Download the program.
  2. Install the Viewer on the local (admin) PC. When installing, select the "30 day trial" option in the installation wizard.
  3. Install the Host on your remote (target) PC/PCs. There is no trial period for the Host because it doesn't require registration, it's a free module.

You can also select "Free version" during Viewer installation. In this case the program will run without a 30-day limitation. However, you will be restricted to 10 PCs in your address book.

No, you don't have to purchase both license types. You need to choose one of them. Which one to choose depends on your specific situation.

Generally, if you have few techs and a lot of remote PCs, it would be more cost-effective to choose either per operator or per operator mini licensing. On the other hand, if you have few remote PCs to control and a lot of techs, the per remote PC license would be the best choice.

You can simply calculate the cost in each case and then compare the costs. Also consider whether the number of techs and/or the number of remote PCs is going to grow in the future, since you may need to purchase additional licenses for them when the time comes.

Follow the ordering procedure listed on the Buy page. When you are redirected to the order form page, select the "Purchase order" at the bottom of the page and proceed with the order.

Please, note that we reserve the right to choose whether to fulfill the order (i.e. to deliver the license key) before or after your payment. We encourage you to contact us first at or call 1-855-945-3868 to negotiate the purchase order terms.

Yes. We offer a 20% discount to non-profits. Please contact us at

No. You pay for the current major version of the software. All future updates (i.e. minor version upgrades) are free for you. In addition, you receive one year of free major upgrades. See our Upgrade Policy.

Any updates or upgrades are completely voluntary. The program never updates automatically; it can only notify you about the availability of a new version. The update/upgrade process is totally under your control.

However, we always recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version possible. The program constantly evolves, old bugs are fixed and new features are added.

Yes. You can start an unlimited number of concurrent sessions from a Viewer PC, regardless of the license type. In other words, the number of one-to-many sessions is not restricted.

Yes. The per operator and per operator mini licenses do not restrict you to a specific physical PC. For example, if you purchased a one-operator license, you can install it on your home PC, your laptop and your office PC and then work from any one of those machines at a time.

If there are two technicians who work simultaneously, you need a two-operator license. Again, each technician can install this license on any number of computers so long as there are only two technicians working with the license at any given time.

No, you cannot add a free license key to the same Viewer if there already is a commercial license key or vice versa. Learn more about adding multiple license keys.

However, multiple Viewers each registered with either a free or a commercial key(s) can work together. For example, they can connect to the same remote Host. This can be used in a situation described in this blog post — see the "Hub and spoke" section.

Submit a support ticket with the information about the purchaser so we can find you in our records.

You will receive a link to download the W-9 form in your order notification e-mail.

For technical FAQ please visit this page.

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