Identifying Unauthorized Remote Access with Host Logs


You suspect that an unauthorized individual has accessed your computer using Remote Utilities.


The key to identifying the attacker lies in the Host logs. These logs are designed to automatically record the IP address of the Viewer computer as well as information about any connection mode that was used.


  • Our system does NOT retain any supplementary details about the Viewer's computer beyond what is recorded in the Host logs.
  • The information in the Host logs is identical to what is maintained in our server logs. Therefore, once you have accessed your Host log, you have all the information we can possibly provide.
  • For a detailed outline of the information we collect, please review our privacy policy.
  • Please refrain from sending requests asking us to analyze the logs or trace the attacker. The logs are self-explanatory, containing all connection information to your Host in plain text. In cases of criminal offenses, it is advisable to contact your nearest police department.
Tags: Security

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