Full Control and View mode isn't working or is unstable


Full Control and View mode window shows black screen or is unstable. Other connection modes work properly.


Follow the solutions below in the order they are provided. If one solution doesn't help, try the next solution and so on.

  1. Restart the remote PC where the Host is installed.
  2. Make sure Full control and View only options are selected in the Modes tab in the remote Host security settings. If you are away from the Host PC, you can access the Host settings remotely from Viewer. See Remote settings.
  3. If you use Remote Utilities security make sure that your account permissions allow you to connect in the Full Control or View only mode. To verify your account permissions, right-click the Host icon, go to Settings for HostAuthenticationUsers and access control.
  4. Update your Viewer and Host to the latest version. See Update Remote Utilities.
  5. Right-click the Host icon, go to Settings for HostOther and select Use legacy capture mode. This is especially helpful if you use Host on a headless computer (that is, a computer without a connected monitor, keyboard and mouse).
  6. Update your graphics card driver.
  7. Add Host to your antivirus software exceptions.
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