Cloud address book icon shows exclamation mark


The synced address book icon in Viewer shows an exclamation mark.

Cloud exclamation sign


The exclamation mark on the cloud address book icon means that Viewer cannot connect to RU Server and sync the address book. Possible reasons include:

  • You are not being signed in on RU Server. Use the Sign in button at the top right corner of the Viewer window to sign in.
  • The signed in user is not allowed to sync this address book. Make sure this user is added in address book permissions on RU Server. See Set up address book sync.
  • There are connectivity problems. Make sure that your RU Server is directly accessible for Viewer and that the inbound communication port is not blocked on RU Server computer or the perimeter firewall. See Port Manager.

Note, that you can still use the address book even if the sync link is broken. The address book will get synchronized once the connection link with RU Server is restored.

Tags: Self-hosted server, Error

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