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rfusclient.exe and rutserv.exe - What are they?

The files rfusclient.exe and rutserv.exe are included in Remote Utilities Host installation and can be found in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Remote Utilities - Host\ folder once the Host has been installed. System processes of the same name (i.e. rfusclient.exe and rutserv.exe) must be running for the Host to work properly.

Rfusclient.exe and Rutserv.exe files

The files and their respective processes are also part of the Agent module.

The files rfusclient.exe and rutserv.exe must be digitally signed with EV Code Signing Certificate issued to Remote Utilities LLC. Some antivirus software may erroneously detect rfusclient.exe and rutserv.exe as riskware or even malware. In this case please contact the antivirus software vendor and submit a false positive report. See this article for more information on erroneous a/v detections of Remote Utilities and how to report them.

EV Code Signing Certificate

To ensure that you have a legit Remote Utilities installation and components always download the software from our official website at

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