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I received an email about Host installation I didn't initiate.


You received an automated email message with access information for a remote Host, although you did not initiate or authorize installation on that particular Host.


This happens when both of the following are true:

  • You created a custom Host package using the MSI Configurator and specified an email address where to receive Host access credentials (Step 3 of the configuration process). You should receive an email every time someone installs a Host from that package.
  • You made the package publicly available. For example, you might have put the package on your website where everyone could download it as part of your remote support service.

The fact that someone installs the Host without your consent poses no threat to your computer or network. The Host is a "one-way" module which can only accept incoming connections, but it can never be used to connect in to other remote computers.


If your custom Host installer has already gone public and you want to stop receiving the email messages that originate from unauthorized installations, please let us know. We will add your email address to a black list so you will never receive these messages again.

Tags: Installation, Security

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