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"E-mail is not sent" error


When you run/install a custom Agent or Host with the Send Internet-ID to email option enabled during MSI Configuration, the following message appears:

E-mail is not sent. Check your Internet connection.

An error record is also added to the Host log.


This issue occurs when both conditions below are met:

  1. You have enabled the Send Internet-ID to email option in Step 3 of the MSI configuration process when you were building your custom Host installer (or Agent executable file).
  2. There is no Internet connection on the computer where you are running the Agent or Host, and, therefore, the program cannot communicate with our mail script on the Web to send the message.


Make sure that the computer where you are running the Agent/Host has Internet access. The program will continue attempting to send the message automatically until the message is sent successfully.

The message has the From address and the subject line "Remote Utilities has been installed on the remote PC, a new Internet-ID is generated: xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx". If you don't receive the message, it could have ended up in your Spam/Junk folder.

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