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Manually allow Remote Utilities on a perimeter firewall


Your corporate firewall has a strict security policy and won't allow Remote Utilities to contact our public routing servers when using the Internet-ID connection. You want to explicitly allow our public server addresses on your firewall to allow outbound connections from Viewers and/or Hosts to our servers.

Solution 1

Remote Utilities communicates with our company-hosted public servers via their IP addresses. Our network constantly grows and the server IP addresses may change. Therefore even if we provide you with specific server addresses your firewall rules may stop working the next time we update or expand our server network (the best server for a specific remote session is chosen automatically by the program).

As a possible solution, you can allow Remote Utilities outbound access to any IP addresses at ports 5655 and 443. These ports are used by Remote Utilities when it communicates with our public servers. See Ports used by Remote Utilities.

Solution 2

Consider using your own self-hosted server. In this case you are free to use whatever DNS name and ports you choose (you can change the ports from their defaults in the server configuration settings).

Tags: Connectivity, Security

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