Allow Remote Utilities on a perimeter firewall


Your corporate firewall has a strict security policy and won't allow Remote Utilities to connect to our routing servers when using the Internet-ID connection. You want to explicitly allow outbound connection to our public servers on your perimeter firewall.

Solution 1: Create outbound rules for ports 5655 and 443

By default, many firewalls allow all outbound network traffic. If your firewall is configured differently and blocks all outbound traffic unless it matches a rule that allows the traffic, you must add such a rule.

Allow Remote Utilities outbound access to any IP addresses at TCP ports 5655 and 443. These ports are used by Remote Utilities when it communicates with our public servers. See Ports used by Remote Utilities for more information.

Solution 2: Use self-hosted server

Consider using your own self-hosted server. You can choose which ports to use in the server configuration settings.

Tags: Connectivity, Security

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